LOEX Annual Conference LOEX 2008 May 1-3 Oak Brook, Illinois
Librarian as Architect: Planning, Building & Renewing
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LOEX is pleased to announce "LOEX 2008 Encore", live virtual "encore" sessions of three breakouts from the May 1-3 LOEX 2008 Conference in Oak Brook, IL.

LOEX 2008 Encore is now complete.
Thanks to everyone, particularly the three sets of presenters, for a succesful Encore!

Archived Wimba video for two of these sessions is available now to LOEX members.


This is in response to the fact that not everyone who would like to attend the LOEX Conference can (e.g., timing, cost, or never got off the wait list), and even those who do attend the conference occasionally miss a session they want to see. For 2008, we will start small by offering three virtual sessions (as opposed to the 44 sessions at the Oak Brook conference) as we will need to see what the level of interest is and how well this new offering meets the needs of our members. If it is successful, in the future we hope to offer 5 to 10 virtual breakout sessions.

Each session is one hour, will be held in Wimba, and will allow for live interaction between presenters and attendees. These virtual sessions will utilize the material presenters have prepared for the LOEX 2008 conference and enable them to reach a wider audience of people. Hopefully, it will develop into a nice supplement to the conference.

Sessions (each is one hour):

  • Tuesday, May 20th, 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific:
    Teaching Web 2.0 to Student 1.5: Effective Methods for Introducing New Information Tools
    (Robin Ewing and Melissa K. Prescott)
  • Wednesday, May 21st, 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific:
    Saving Student Brian: Engaging Students with Innovative Technology
    (Stacey Greenwell, Beth Kraemer and Debbie Sharp)
  • Thursday, May 22nd, 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific:
    Learning (2.0) to be a Social Library
    (Beverly Simmons)

Check out the conference program for session descriptions

Registration Date:
April 29th, 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific

Note: registration is reserved for current LOEX members, or those who attended or were on the wait list for the conference in Oak Brook, IL.

Registration Fee (per session):

Attended conference in Oak Brook, IL
- $25 for 1 person
- $50 for 2+ people at same location (with one log-in)

Did not attend conference in Oak Brook, IL
- $40 for 1 person
- $70 for 2+ people at same location (with one log-in)

Payment Due Date:
Monday, May 19th 2008.

Registration cancellations must be made in writing and postmarked, emailed, or faxed at least 2 days before your virtual session.

More information can be found on the Virtual Sessions FAQ.

If you still have questions, please email loex@emich.edu



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