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FAQ for Virtual

- Can I register by phone? 

No. Registration is through the online form that will become available in May 25, 2018.  

- I have a number of people from my LOEX institution who would like to view a session (not sure how many people, but it will be more than 1). How much does the session cost? And how will we log-in? 

Fees are different depending on whether you attended the LOEX conference or not; and if you did not attend the conference, whether you are a LOEX member. See the registration page for fee information. For the actual virtual session, the one person who gave their email address when he/she registered will be given a log-in, which will allow the entire group to view the session on one computer (e.g., in a conference room on a projection screen).

- I'm a not a LOEX member -- can I attend the session? 

Yes, you just need to pay the higher fee. Please remember if you were a non-member who attended LOEX 2018 in Houston, your fee is lower.

- I'm a LOEX member, but I'm not available to attend the Encore sessions. Will the sessions be recorded and be made available for later viewing?

Yes, the recorded sessions will be made available online to LOEX members in the fall of 2018.

- I paid for and attended the session, but I want to view a recording later to make sure I didn't miss anything. When can I watch it?

Almost immediatley. Since you paid to attend the session, you get access to the recording within a few hours of the session (i.e., you do not have to wait until fall 2018) and can watch it anytime you want after that.

- What technical details are involved in makings sure I can view the sessions online?

We will be using WebEx. You can do a test here.