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Virtual Sessions

LOEX 2015 Encore: live virtual "encore" sessions of a small number of breakouts from LOEX 2015 in Denver.

Each session will be one hour, will be (very likely) held in GoToMeeting or WebEx, and will allow for live interaction between presenters and attendees. These virtual sessions will utilize the material presenters have prepared for the LOEX 2015 conference and enable them to reach a wider audience of people, acting as a nice supplement to the conference.


Registration for LOEX 2015 Encore is now closed.

***Update*** Archived recordings of these sessions are now available now to LOEX members. 


SESSIONS (All times Eastern):

Thursday, June 11 (1:00pm)
Drinking on the Job: Integrating Workplace Information Literacy into the Curriculum
Alison Hicks (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Monday, June 15 (1:00pm)
Two Information Literacy Threshold Concepts Walk into a Bar: Using Satirical News Sources to Promote Active Learning and Student Engagement
Stephanie Alexander (California State University East Bay)

Tuesday, June 16 (1:00pm)
Reconsidering Threshold Concepts: A Critical Appraisal of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy
Lane Wilkinson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

Tuesday, June 16 (3:00pm)
Distributing Your Craft: Scaling Quality Instruction
Theresa Westbrock and Felipe Castillo (New Mexico State University)

Wednesday, June 17 (1:00pm)
Does It Really Take 50 Minutes? Insights from Faculty Focus Groups on Delivering Library Instruction in a General Education Program
Jackie Sipes (Temple University)

Thursday, June 18 (1:00pm)
Taste Testing Research Topics: Assessing the Scope and Feasibility of First-Year Students' Research Paper Topics
Erin Rinto and Melissa Bowles-Terry (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Thursday, June 18 (3:00pm)
Bias Isn't Always Bad: Teaching Students to Evaluate and Use Information Effectively
Anthony Sigismondi (St. Norbert College)

Monday, June 22 (1:00pm)
Do You Come Here Often? Using Student Course Registration Data to Improve Your Teaching, Outreach, and Information Literacy Program
Erica Schattle (Tufts University)


REGISTRATION FEE (per session):
Attended conference in Denver
- $15 for 1 person
- $30 for 2+ people at the same location (with one log-in)

Did not attend conference in Denver (LOEX members)
- $35 for 1 person
- $70 for 2+ people at the same location (with one log-in)

Did not attend conference in Denver (Non-LOEX members)
- $55 for 1 person
- $90 for 2+ people at the same location (with one log-in)

Payment is separate from registration. 
Conference registration payment is due 4 days before your first virtual session..

Payment can be made by check, Visa, or MasterCard.

  • Mail or fax (734-561-4527) the LOEX 2015 Payment Form: use this form for members/attendees; use this form for non-members who did not attend.
  • To pay with a credit card by phone, call 734-487-2633.
  • There is no online payment option.
  • You will not be sent a formal invoice; once you are registered, just please pay using the form.

More information can be found on the Virtual Sessions FAQ. If you have questions, please email